28 Jul

Improve your web design to be successful

A web design is the primary factor that attracts crowds to a particular website. If a website fails to stir the interest of the online customers then the major fault lies in the structure and design of the website.

The factors that contribute to the accusation are the way you create the layout of the site, the background, the images used, the font color, size and type you use or don’t. This can have a significant impact on the online traffic and customers will quickly exit if it is not appealing and would stay there for a while if it is good.

As a designer you need to see this and plan your website designs accordingly. The home page you design for your client must have the company logo prominently displayed and a linked to it. a professionally designed, sharp looking corporate logo would definitely get noticed, like on the Manchester Card website. Make it a high resolution image and pin it on the left side of all web pages in the website. This improvement would surely have a positive impact on your internet customers. Most successful sites use this idea because it makes it easy to go back to the home page.

Another aspect of the web design you impart to your clients must have an easily negotiable navigation plan so that the customer is not lost in the web pages. Some intuitive ideas like having secondary menus on the sidebar would help improve the site’s navigation for them. Most sites generally have the main menu options on the horizontal bars but having secondary menu on the side bars (left) or beneath the main navigation bar would greatly improve the direction for your website.

Spontaneous or intuitive navigation is significant for a site because a confusing navigation system in your site would force the online browsers quit your site in a hurry. There are more such ideas that you can intuitively integrate in to your future web designs and earn a niche for yourself.