22 Jan

Job opportunities offered by web development

The advent of web development has opened the gates for large numbers of employment opportunities. Requirement of web developers has grown manifold due to the demands of ever increasing internet usability and business and as a web developer who is qualified and certified to develop web applications can land highly lucrative job offers from various private organizations engaged in the task.

A programmer for web development has to be knowledgeable in World Wide Web applications that are run from a web server to a web browser. The same is applicable to the distributed network applications run on HTTP. Web developers get opportunity in government organizations, huge corporations, midsized or small companies or can work as freelancers taking up various projects for private and government organizations. Some web developers are employed on a full time basis with a single organization but others decide to open consultancies for to work independently.

The type of functions a web developer has to perform may vary because modern web applications contain three or more levels. One can get specialization in one or more of the levels or play an interdisciplinary part. Say there is a team of two developers, one would concentrate on the on the technology such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript that are sent to the client and the server side frameworks such as PHP, Java, ASP, .NET, Perl, Python, Ruby etc., while the other focus on the web server and database system.

These developers may also have to work with copywriters/content writers, web designers, software architect, project manager, database administers, web producers in close proximity to get the best of the results or become responsible for an entire project on their own. If you have the qualifications for undertaking these tasks then the opportunities of getting employment with a high profile setup could become relatively easy.